PRODUCT SUPPLY FOR INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS: We are expert suppliers of all kinds of products for integral or partial interior design projects. Our extensive catalogue includes all the necessary products for your project.

PERSONAL TREATMENT FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT | We offer to private and professional clients the advantage of having a personal treatment throughout the entire project. This helps to streamline processes, to increase cost efficiency and achieve greater satisfaction among our clients.

LOGISTICS: Our Logistics Department handles all the details concerning product delivery, in constant coordination with the transport and assembly companies and the team assigned to the project.

ONLINE CATALOGUE:  The inspiration, consultation and research phase is essential in defining a project. IBÉRICA’s online catalogue is designed to facilitate these tasks both to the professional client and the private client. A search structure by product categories,  brands, plus the recommended products, help the users find what they need and ask for further information to customize each product if it´s desired.